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Beta Quest is a mod of Ocarina of Time made by mzxrules.

Write down the map where you got teleported for each entrance. The input is green if the map abbreviation is correctly.

Entrance naming convention is Current Map -> Normal Destination Map.
Ex: "gf gv" represents the entrance when in Gerudo Fortress and going to Gerudo Valley.

Pressing Enter after entering the destination will jump to the destination map to speed up data writing.

Grottos start with g_ and is followed by closest entrance or what's inside that grotto.
Ex: "sfm g_wolf" represents the grotto in Sacred Forest Meadow that contains wolves (the one near Lost Woods).

Maps that only contain 1 entrance (ex: Kokiri Shop) are not listed. For path finding, GC -> Kokiri Shop -> GV is the same than GC -> GV because no decision is made.

Maps in Tower Collapse and inside GF are too generic to have a distinct name. Instead, write down their 2 exits separated by a comma.
Ex: For GC -> GF Interior -> (ZD if exit 1, ZF if exit 2), then you want to write "zd,zf".

Do not write down entrances that teleports into a 1-time-only cutscene. The next time you will use that entrance, you won't end up in that cutscene again so using it for path finding is wrong.

Detailed Maps

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Every action that would teleport you to the same place in normal OoT will also teleport you to the same place in Beta Quest.

Death, Sun Song and void/lava all teleports to same place in normal OoT (where you entered the map) so they will also teleport to the same place in Beta Quest.

In normal OoT, if you enter ZD from ZR and play Sun Song, you are teleported to ZD near ZR entrance.
Destination ZD->ZR = Destination Sun Song in ZD coming from ZR

Using this, you can determine teleports in Beta OoT.
Let say you just entered ZD with the animation coming from ZR. You play Sun Song in ZD and are telepored to Kok.
This means ZR->ZD teleports to Kok. (Because in normal OoT, ZR->ZD would teleport to ZD near ZR entrance.)

Destination ZD->ZR = Destination Sun Song in ZD coming from ZR
Destination Sun Song in ZD coming from ZR = Kok
ZR->ZD = Kok

You can use the same logic when savewarping.
In normal OoT, when savewarping, you are teleported to the dungeon entrance, Kokiri House or Temple of Time.
Savewarp in Forest = Entering Forest from SFM.
In Beta Quest, if savewarping in Forest Temple teleports to ZD, then SFM->Forest Temple also teleports to ZD.

Dying after getting teleported to Trials in front of Fire is the same than completing the Fire Trial.

Using a boss warp for the second time always teleport to the normal destination. (Ex: Water->Warp => Lake)

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