Rules of Scripters War
It is forbidden to :
  • Sell or buy in-game items or services for real-life money from other players.
  • Share your account with another person.
  • Reveal your password to other people.
  • Play with multiple accounts at the same time in the same party or to use them to exploit gameplay mechanics.
    Multiple accounts for extra bank storage is allowed.
  • Impersonate another player, moderator or administrator.
  • Use inappropriate language, discuss of inappropriate topics or post inappropriate links.
  • Use an inappropriate username or a username that infringes copyright.
  • Exploit a bug.
  • Scam other players.
  • Use a macro to gain an unfair advantage.
  • Use any bot.
  • Reverse-engineer or modify the game code.
  • Reveal personal information to other people.
  • Ask personal information about other people.
  • Disclose the amount of Contribution Tokens you receive for contributing to the game. This rule aims to avoid jealousy and conflicts between players. Breaking this rule may result in the removal of your CT.
  • Create more than 5 accounts with the intention to sell their names.
  • Disrupt the game.
  • Break the law.

The non-respect of these rules may result in your account being muted or terminated.