Hollow Knight Interactive Map Click to toggle icons. HK Randomizer


Feedback: Contact RainingChain#3489 on Discord

Contribute by adding missing icons and glitch videos

How to contribute

  1. Click on the map where you want to add an icon.
  2. Enter the description in the dialogue box. This will add an entry in the textbox below.
  3. Once all icons have been done, send the textbox content to RainingChain on the Hollow Knight Discord Channel.

Useful Links

Skips & Glitches


Click to toggle a marker.
Version: 1.0

Set all markers to the visible state.
Generate a save corresponding to the current marker states.
Copy-paste a previous state in the text area and this will restore the markers to this state. Warning: This will overwrite the current state of the markers.
Revert to previous state. (Up to 100 times)

Download HK Save Editor